Coronavirus Guidelines 

At the time of writing, Jan 2021, we unfortunately still remain CLOSED under Government Guidelines. We are currently closed until mid February. If you had an appointment during this time, you will have received a text to let you know it has been cancelled. Once I get a reopening date, I will contact all those who had appointments cancelled to reschedule them. Thank you so much for your patience. If you have an queries at all please do not hesitate to contact me

Things might be a bit different at your next appointment, but I want to assure you that I have taken all the necessary steps to make sure that your appointment is as safe and hygienic as possible, so that you feel totally comfortable coming back to the Salon. Please see the infographics below for a summary, and for a list of treatments that I can and can't do while the COVID pandemic is ongoing. 

Attending Your Appointment 

  • In your usual reminder text, there will be in a link to a pre screening COVID questionnaire, this is to ensure that everyone attending Elite Professional Beauty has no COVID symptoms, or has no no contact with anyone who has COVID.
  • Please reschedule your appointment if you are feeling unwell, have a high temperature, continuous cough, loss of taste or sense of smell, if you have recently travelled abroad or if you have been in close contact with someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19.
  • Clients will be encouraged to pay PRIOR to their appointment via online banking. If this is not suitable for you, I will still be accepting card payments but online bank transfer is preferable.
  • Please come to your appointment ALONE. 
  • Please arrive ON TIME, not too early and not late. I will not have leeway between appointments to allow for lateness as this time will be devoted to cleaning and disinfection.
  • When you arrive at Crichiebank, please wait in your car until I message you to let you know I'm on my way down. Make your way to the main door and I will meet you there. 
  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands when entering the business centre, and again when you enter the Beauty Room. There is also a wash basin , if you prefer. 
  • Clients will be asked to hang up jackets and bags on the hooks provided. If you could try and bring as little as possible with you that would be appreciated. Leave phones in pockets or bags unless it’s an emergency.
  • As per government guidelines, I will be wearing gloves, a face covering and a visor for each treatment. Gloves will be disposed of after each client and the visor will be disinfected.
  • The government guidelines state that clients are required to wear face coverings. Please bring your own, but if you do happen to forget, these can be supplied.
  • You will be asked to sanitise you’re hands again after your treatment

The above may sound daunting and difficult to follow, but please rest assured it is purely for the safety of my clients and myself. At no point during your time at Crichiebank will you be on your own, I'll be there to guide you along and keep your right, so there's no need to worry. Please remember these are legal requirements and are not optional. Above all, I want you to feel safe and relaxed at your appointment. If anyone has any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What I have done

1. Educated myself on COVID19, the risks and how to minimise the spread of the virus. Kept up to date with industry advice and government guidelines.

2. Carried out a risk assessment on the Beauty Room, all aspects of my appointments and the treatments I provide.

3. Updated my reminder emails to include COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines for attending your appointment.

4. Temporarily Omitted treatments from my price list.


1. Crichiebank have installed touch free hand sanitizers to be used upon entry and exit of the building.

2. A one way system has been introduced in stairwells to avoid congestion on the stairs

3. Toilets can be used but there is one-in, one-out policy.

The Beauty Room

1. Disposable paper towels will be available for use to avoid cross contamination

2. Hand sanitizer has been placed around the Beauty Room to be used by myself and clients

3. Disposable tissues will be placed around the room for use by clients and myself

4. All bins have been changed to foot operated pedal bins.

5. I am all stocked up on effective sanitising and disinfecting products.

6. Extra time is being left in between appointments so that ALL SURFACES will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each client. Disposable paper towels will be used for cleaning.

7. All towels have been removed and will be replaced by disposable couch roll

8. All unnecessary items have been removed

9. A protective screen has been installed at the nail bar.

10. When the weather allows, the windows will be left open to encourage good ventilation.

Last Updated 27/01/2021 ​